Pressure Sensitive Product Labels

Product labels are designed to add a variety of information to products. The key purpose of product labels is to identify type, size, brand, product line, manufacturer and other product-specific information to educate the consumer and encourage a purchase. Your products and packages may possess more than one product label. There are two different types of product labels: primary product labels and secondary product labels. TLT specializes in the production of Pressure Sensitive / Adhesive Backed Product Labels.

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New Products – Tamper Evident Labels

Primary Product Labels

Primary product labels are generally placed in a prominent position on the top or front of a product. They are usually decorative, eye-catching, and include the most important information about the product. Primary labels should grab a potential customer's attention and convey the brand identity of the product. We can help you achieve that eye-catching attention for your primary labels.

Secondary Product Labels

Secondary Product labels are generally placed in a less prominent position on the back or bottom of a product. They are usually informative and useful at identifying factors such as nutrition, ingredients, warnings, and instructions. Secondary labels should convey these things in a bold and succinct way.