About The Label Team, Inc.

Dependability & Reliability

Being a second generation owner/entrepreneur spanning decades of service within the label and packaging industries, Dean McDaniel is firmly committed to making sure you have a strong and reliable supplier.


The company name was chosen to keep the founding philosophy paramount - a team oriented, collaborative approach to serving customers. All members of The Label Team are focused on their own responsibilities in producing your product to specification but also feel totally unencumbered and free to offer help and insight into any area of the business.

Quality & Pricing

The Label Team is based on the Lean Manufacturing practice and Thin or Pure Manufacturing Model. As such, primary investments are made in production assets - equipment, systems and highly knowledgeable and experienced production professionals. TLT actively prevents the growth of many of the overhead and variable expenses not directly involved in manufacturing.

This singular manufacturing focus and employment appeal is a major strategy that enables TLT to offer premium quality and service levels at the lowest cost available in their market.