Products Produced

Pressure Sensitive Product Labels

Product labels are designed to add a variety of information to products. The key purpose of product labels is to identify type, size, brand, product line, manufacturer and other product-specific information to educate the consumer and encourage a purchase. Your products and packages may possess more than one product label. There are two different types of product labels: primary product labels and secondary product labels. TLT specializes in the production of Pressure Sensitive / Adhesive Backed Product Labels.

Primary Product Labels

Primary product labels are generally placed in a prominent position on the top or front of a product. They are usually decorative, eye-catching, and include the most important information about the product. Primary labels should grab a potential customer's attention and convey the brand identity of the product. We can help you achieve that eye-catching attention for your primary labels.

Secondary Product Labels

Secondary Product labels are generally placed in a less prominent position on the back or bottom of a product. They are usually informative and useful at identifying factors such as nutrition, ingredients, warnings, and instructions. Secondary labels should convey these things in a bold and succinct way.

Product Tags

Colorful, well-designed product hang tags can grab attention, help sell additional products, and promote the product in a different manner than the primary or secondary labels do.  They can be configured with different types of string as well as elastic bands to achieve various looks.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packages are non-rigid packaging structures usually made of some type of film or paper material.  Any flexible package or any part of a flexible package’s shape can be readily changed. Create an interesting look for your products with one of our flexible packaging solutions.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation, also known as sublimation, is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals and polyester, and other synthetic material, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat, and pressure. We design and produce the printed sublimation paper that is used in the dye sublimation process. This manufacturing aspect ensures that your products will be beautiful and customizable.

Promotional Magnets

Custom printed promotional magnets are affordable and effective marketing tools. They are a good value and highly effective due to their higher retention rate than other promotional items. This keeps your name and promotional message prominently displayed in front of your customers for as long as desired. Also, custom printed promotional magnets are generally printed in full color to gain attention and improve recall.


Our coupon products are perfect for creating instant redeemable coupons, promotional labels, temporary IDs, membership cards and more—all on press in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner. We use a two-sided flexographic process to produce these coupons so that they are displayed on your products boldly and peeled off cleanly.

Laminated Inserts

Make your products and packages pop with our laminated inserts. With different options and colors to choose from, we can provide you with laminates that will stunningly market your products and packages. Laminated inserts can be a promotional and informational way to provide the customer with valuable and insightful material. With high quality and efficiency, laminated inserts deliver a marketing tool that will help ensure the success and sales of your products and packages.


No matter what industry you serve, TLT industrial labels give your products a clean, professional look that enhances your reputation. Our industrial labels can be further imaged by inkjet, laser, and thermal printers for on demand information dissemination needs. Our industrial labels are built to meet your specific industry application requirements.